When Life Gets Too Busy - Take A Zoo Break!

What do you do when you are getting smothered in your to-do list and life has turned to chaos?

You take a Zoo Break!

Faced with an overflowing list of priority jobs and personal goals, I did the complete opposite to what most would do in a similar situation, I took some time off!

Sunday, when my daughter invited me to the zoo with my grandsons, I had deadlines looming and the pressure was mounting in many areas to the point I was about to become unraveled. Yet, deep down, what I knew I really needed was some time out. You know that point in a basketball game, or any sport, where the player gets taken off the court, or field, and another player is put in as a substitute? Well in lieu of having a substitute to step into my to-do list for me I still needed a break.

For several hours I soaked up the sunshine and fresh air, the wonder of nature around us, and the wondrous looks on my Grandson's faces as they looked for the animals. There was space to breathe and just BE! There was space to enjoy time with loved ones and build a relationship with my Grandsons. There was time to do what is really important, what really matters in life, and cherish the moment.

Often when we get overwhelmed we push ourselves harder, stretch ourselves thinner, and exhaust our bodies and minds with worry and busyness. Stepping back seems counter-cultural, and definitely counter-productive. Overwhelm requires us to write lists, prioritize, and brainstorm strategies to “get it all done”.

Doesn’t it require more effort, not less?

These are all very useful and worthwhile strategies to adopt however I would wager to say the most important one is not “more” but “less”. Self-care and allowing yourself to step away and recharge will clear your mind and your heart to find a way through the chaos and provide an opportunity to review the situation from a fresh perspective.

We are not designed to work 24/7 and to push and strive all the time, our bodies need daily opportunities to recharge and refresh. Whether that is getting a good night’s sleep, taking a walk in the outdoors, or taking a few hours off to do something nice with loved ones we need to look after ourselves so that we can bring our best to whatever we do.

How are you coping with your to-do list?

What are your routine self-care strategies for recharging?

If you need help in working all of this out so that you can be the very best you and bring the best of yourself to all you do, then let’s talk and we can work this out together!